Tips For The Purchase Of Heaters


Directly convert electrical energy or other chemical energy into heat energy, and transfer heat through radiation, convection contact and other ways, so that users in the appropriate temperature environment activities, in most cases will reduce air humidity.

Note 1: whether it is safe to use, consumers should pay attention to whether it has multiple security protection such as temperature limiter and temperature controller.

Note 2: enough environmental protection, environmental factors and when consumer is choosing heater should consider a problem. The heater of choose and buy had better not cause pollution not only, still added healthy safeguard on safe foundation.

Note 3: brand credibility. When a lot of consumers are buying heater, the price that often pays more attention to heater and performance and the brand that neglected heater. When buying heater, ought to choose brand popularity is taller, appear on the market long craft mature stable produce business.

Note 4: the quality is in place. Consider materials, electrical controls, drop strength, water and dust resistance, and welding process.

Note 5: economic benefits. In the heater, according to the energy efficiency ratio, air conditioning heat exchange heating, with about 1 to 4 efficiency, single parameter is the most energy saving products; Comprehensive use of the environment, far-infrared heaters and other centralized radiant heating, nearly 1 to 1 efficiency, regional space heating, the same thermal sensitivity price is similar; The total energy consumption of low-power heaters is small, and the equipment is cheap and compact and more economical for scenes with low comfort level.

Note 6: after-sales service
After-sales service and commitment, high-power equipment recommendations to seek local after-sales or dealer products to get preferential warranty maintenance.

Note 7: function whether meet the need
Part of the heater can be desktop, wall hanging dual use; Can also be used in the bathroom; Some heaters have electronic remote control function; Some heaters also have bluetooth speakers; Some products have wifi control app and can be connected to smart home.

Note 8: power
Should be based on the size of the use space, ambient temperature, ventilation degree, design power allowance, appropriate increase in the number of equipment to ensure the use effect.